Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The anatomy of an Etsy thread closing

You can view the original thread here. Basically, everyone on Etsy is currently looking for clarification on what the New Improved Forums allow, and where. Apparently, Site Help is no longer the place to discuss specific issues. I'm going to take a look at the wording lisajune used to close the thread.
Quote: "I know we used to, very recently even, host space in these Forums for all kind of discussions."
Translation: "Last week, you could freely discuss your concerns and ideas here. Remember that? Well, it's over now."
Quote: "That said, the number of sections in our main Forums, and the kind of content appropriate for our main Forums has become more narrow."
Translation: "Doesn't anyone notice that half of the forums have vanished? Along with those forums, we have sacrificed your ability to discuss specific issues. By specific issues we mean anything you want to discuss. By narrow we mean nothing. Silence. See all those closed threads? Yours is next."
Quote: "These discussions we definitely still welcome on the site, but importantly within a team context."
Translation: "Get your unhappiness behind the closed doors of a team. No discord here. No promotions, either. No saying you're lost. No trying to help those who are lost. Start a team. Start a hundred teams. Those teams each generate countless clicks and are fairly invisible to the outside world. T-E-A-M. Got it?"
Quote: "If you have any other questions, you're welcome to being a new thread."
Translation: "Being is a typo. I've closed 300 threads today, and I'm weary. I'm lisajune, not Himmler. You can start a new thread with a new question, but I will most likely have to close that thread too. Why not just go to your team and throw your fit, like a good Etsian, huh? lisajune needs a break here."
Quote: "If you'd like to discuss topics from closed threads--in their appropriate context--you're more than welcome to begin the discussion anew."
Translation: I have no idea what that means. My babelfish is broken for that sentence.
lisajune loves adverbs.

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