Friday, February 25, 2011

Take the "Which kind of Etsian are you?" poll

Inspired by yesterday's change to the community page, which kind of Etsian are you? Creator or collector? Tinkerer or thinker? Doer or disgruntled? Vote now, right over there in the sidebar! It's your democratic duty!


  1. I create... lulz
    I collect... names on my dnbf list
    I think.. Etsy is killing their community
    I'll do... your mama
    But I do not tinker!

  2. You know, I've finally figured out the difference between Etsy and Ebay.

    Ebay screws me, but I get money because sometimes I sell something.

    Etsy screws me, but I get no money because I don't sell anything.

    Ebay is my pimp. Etsy is my rotten sometimes boyfriend who takes my money.

    So, while I'm Ebay's whore, I'm Etsy's slut. :o

    Guess that makes me 'disgruntled'.

  3. Good Ebay/Etsy analogy. The Etsy boyfriend is a batterer tho.

  4. But I love him...he doesn't mean it...and he has pretty eyes...

    Cleopatra, Queen of Denial.


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