Wednesday, February 9, 2011

What is

Did any of you watch the TV series "Lost"? The creators of that series spun off several websites that contained clues about the series. Some of the clues were true. Some were red herrings. It was part of the charm of the show.

I took at look at Rob Kalin's (Rokali) Twitter profile today, and it says that he's currently developing a site called It looks like this. However, if you can get to the "about" page, you find something intriguing.

"Parachutes, Inc. is a social business based in Red Hook, a lovely Brooklyn neighborhood. . . empowers people around the world to learn and teach what they desire, to showcase their capabalities, and to make a living doing what they love."

From the FAQ's: "What is a Parachute? A Parachute is an organized body of users. Parachutes can represent any kind of organization: schools, classes, clubs, business, teams, etc."

So, it's like Facebook University? Apparently, it was supposed to launch in Spring 2009. How does his vision for this social non-profit education experiment translate to how he envisions the social for-profit future of Etsy?

What color is my parachute? And is this a clue about the future of my business? Or just another red herring?


  1. Squidoo? Askhow? Ehow? Sorry but the Swiss Army Knife theory can only take you so far.

  2. Its where all the Swimmy's are.


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