Friday, February 18, 2011

Saluting the Etsy muted, part four

This just in from the Mute Desk:

jenmaestre, amazing pencil genius artist, permamuted for calling out obvious resellers.

blackgermanshepard, whose Etsy shop has taken on an interesting look since the mute came down.

And eclipse, the opinionated and eloquent polar bear.

In other intriguing news, the muted are now being told who reported their posts. Nice of Etsy to further pit one seller against another.

Their definition of "community" is certainly different from mine.

I salute you, sisters!


  1. Etsy is a total waste of time. I am happily done with them

  2. That doesn't even include all of the warnings being handed out left and right.

  3. JEN?!?!???!?

    They better give her back that swimmy.

  4. It seemed to me that blackgermanshepherd was just stirring up drama for attention. I've gotta say that I'm glad she's gone.

  5. What a crock of crap. But love the banners on all the shops listed on blackgermanshepard - PERFECT.

  6. Your time is coming floofybunbun. Etsy eats their own hon.

  7. it sucks that she was muted...but calling out IS agaist the rules and all

  8. Well, let them eat cake then - ummmm - cupcakes, that is!


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