Monday, February 7, 2011

Announcements: Welcome to the new Etsy Forums

Let's examine the most recent Admin post about the forums, from RobWhite on February 4, 2011.

Quote: "With fewer sections and a narrower focus, our hope is to encourage more participation in the great discussions that happen here from everyone"
Translation: "Etsy has ripped out most of what you use here, and will not tolerate you going off topic. By 'more participation' we actually mean shush."

Quote "That includes us; you'll be seeing more of the Forum Teams contributing to discussions as well."
Translation: "We will be monitoring and policing the remaining forums with iron fists. God forbid you discuss anything in a manner we do not consider 'constructive.' Also, do not discuss the site in the Site Help section."

Quote: "In an effort to keep a tight focus on the purpose of each section, you may see us closing more threads than you're accustomed to."
Translation: "You're going to hear doors slamming from one end of the internet to the other."

Quote: "Threads that don't fit in the existing sections of the new Etsy Forums are ultimately best placed in teams, so we'll need to close threads that don't fit."
Translation: "Shush. Find a team. Make a team. Whatever. Go look at your circle. Just get out of here. Also, dissenters will be silenced or heckled."

Quote: "Please keep in mind that we're happy to host your critical opinions in the Ideas space, but in order to be helpful and provide a good environment for community discussions it's a necessity that that criticism be constructive."
Translation: "Etsy is now defining the term 'constructive' with their new Etsy dictionary. Etsy-constructive does not include the following: honest criciticism of the site, questions about the underlying, overall plan behind the recent changes, requests for improvements that most users want, or calling anyone obscene names."

It seems that the RobWhite of the Care Bear days has been replaced by some double speaking automaton. Sadly, he forgot to end his post with "Cheers!"

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