Thursday, February 10, 2011

Etsy closes threads for designedbylucinda

I posted about designedbylucinda and her tragedy a couple of days ago. The Etsy community came together, as it often does, to offer support, thanks to threads started by FancyPantsAndMore and kts815. Two other threads were started by rtisan and amystreasureattic. Thanks to all of you for alerting the community so we could all help out.

RobWhite closed the two faster moving threads:
FancyPantsAndMore's thread Sad News
kts815's thread Links for Lucinda

Yes, the threads linked to other sites, and there was mention of donating in the threads. However, with all of the fracturing of the community of late, seeing sellers band together to support one of our own reminded many Etsians, myself included, of one of the reasons why we are still a part of this site. Closing those two threads seemed harsh and unnecessary. Why they were closed was not explained.

On a positive note, you can shop at the Helping Hearts shop on bigcartel. All proceeds from this shop will go to designedbylucinda, and all items are donated by Etsy and other sellers. Beautiful stuff there.

Thanks to the following people for all of their work:
Christina Perdue

You can also check the Unofficial Etsy Forums for updates and ways to help and donate.

My thoughts are with Cindy and her family.


  1. As if we needed more proof they are a holes.

  2. They blew the perfect chance to show a little humanity--something that's sorely lacking at Etsy these days.


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