Wednesday, February 23, 2011

We need an Etsy sympathy team

I posted awhile back about Etsy admin closing the forum threads for designedbylucinda. At least those threads were allowed to roll on for awhile before the door was slammed shut.
The other evening, a thread was started titled "Blessings to New Zealand," referring to the recent tragic earthquake in Christchurch. The original poster stated that they didn't know where else to post the thread; they just wanted to send blessings. Not asking for donations. Not asking for items for a New Zealand shop. Just sending prayers and sympathy to those effected.
Etsians offered news and support. This is one of the times I most love the Etsy community, when they offer both information and support for one another. That's what the forums once were, when they were at their best.
The thread was closed in about an hour, with lisajune referring people to the International Team.
There is no room for sympathy and information in the New World Etsy Forums. I guess it's just not constructive enough.

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  1. This is very sad, and so wrong. Why could it not have been open to the public to see? There is nothing wrong with sympathy, and prayers for those in need, and it is good to see people have a big heart that extend themselves in this way too. But, etsy has really thrown out sooo much with their changes lately...very upsetting:(


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